What Is Emergency Root Canal Treatment?
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The roots of your teeth lay beneath the exposed parts of the teeth. The unexposed part of a tooth contains connective tissues, nerves, and blood vessels. 

You should keep the exposed part of the tooth as well as the root canals healthy to maintain your overall oral health and well-being. 

Similar to a tooth developing a cavity because of unhygienic practices, the root canal can also become infected due to poor dental hygiene. 

When this happens, you require a special kind of dental treatment known as root canal therapy or RCT. 

This article provides information on what emergency root canal treatment is including:

  • Reasons for root canal therapy
  • Root canal treatment procedure
  • How to care for the tooth after RCT?

Reasons For Root Canal Therapy

RCT is required when a dental x-ray shows that the root canal is damaged due to a bacterial infection.

The pulp of the affected tooth will begin to die as a result of the bacterial infection. 

The germ will then multiply and spread to the other areas of the oral cavity. 

There are many symptoms of a pulp infection such as a loose tooth, pain when chewing or biting, and pain when eating or drinking hot or cold foods and drinks. 

The symptoms may disappear as the pulp dies. You may think the infection has been healed when this happens. 

However, the infection will quickly spread throughout the root canal system. 

Symptoms such as facial swelling and a dark-coloured tooth will appear eventually. 

You should immediately see a qualified dentist in case you have the above symptoms. The pulp cannot heal itself when the tooth becomes infected. 

The more you wait without seeing a dentist, the worse the problem will become. 

There is less chance of root canal therapy working in your case if the bacterial infection within the tooth becomes established.

The RCT Procedure

The RCT procedure may include one or two steps. Your dentist will study the dental x-ray of the affected tooth to diagnose an inflamed or infected tooth pulp. 

Once the diagnosis is performed, the RCT treatment plan will begin. 

The dentist will administer local anaesthesia and make an opening in the crown of the affected tooth. The infected pulp is then removed from the pulp chamber. 

The root canals are usually cleaned and shaped with the use of hand and machine-driven dental instruments. 

Once the canals are cleaned, they are filled with a rubber-like substance known as gutta percha – which is biocompatible. 

It is then sealed with the help of a sealer. Your dentist will place a temporary filling to close the opening in the tooth. 

RCT therapy is quite successful with more than 90% of the cases surviving for more than 10 years

How To Care For The Tooth After RCT Therapy?

Avoid biting hard food from the side where the treated tooth is. You need to care for the treated tooth to prolong the lifespan of the therapy. 

The tooth may feel sensitive for a few days after the treatment. However, it shouldn’t be painful. 

If there is mild pain, you can use over the counter painkillers to relieve any discomfort. 

You should see your local Sunbury dentist in case you experience swelling or pain even after taking the painkillers. 

Make sure you maintain good oral hygiene, avoid too many sugary foods, and quit smoking to prevent the need for further root canal therapy. 

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