The Benefits of Porcelain Veneers To Your Smile
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Dental Veneers have proven to be one of the more successful forms of treatment to transform the quality of smiles. The great thing about porcelain veneers is the transformation to your confidence as well. You never need to worry about the niggling cracks or chips present on your teeth which stop you from smiling.

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If you have ever felt self-conscious about your smile, you don’t need to anymore. We list five key benefits of porcelain veneers and why they’re a great choice to transformation your confidence and your smile.

The Five Benefits

  1. Make Way for A Natural Smile – The good thing about cosmetic dentistry is that most if not all treatments are endeavoured to deliver a natural looking smile. This means you hardly notice that you’ve had dental work done. Veneers are just the same. A thin-shaped shell is placed on the front surface of the teeth, transforming your smile to the public. The good thing is, no one will notice the difference from your natural teeth
  2. It Covers Your Niggling Dental Issues – When you watch your favourite celebrities and idols, many showcase a beaming smile. That doesn’t mean their teeth are perfect, because they may also have niggling issues that they wish to hide. Veneers fix those cosmetic issues that become visible when you smile or talk.
  3. They’re Resistant to Staining – Unlike temporary veneers, made from acrylic which are prone to staining, permanent veneers work just the opposite. Even if you drink endless amounts of coffee or soft drinks, veneers are very difficult to experience staining. However, don’t take the risk. It’s recommended that you balance your diet with clear, lighter foods with your treats such as boiled vegetables or soup.
  4. It Requires Simple Maintenance – Unlike temporary acrylic veneers, permanent veneers are comfortable to wear and do not affect any of your mouth functions. Speak, eat and open as normal without feeling any discomfort. Ensure you continue to keep the front surface clear from debris with regular brush and flossing.
  5. They Are Less Invasive – Porcelain veneers are less invasive compared to other dental restoration such as crowns. You also require no anaesthesia as the procedure is a simple addition to the front surface of your teeth to transform your smile.
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Are Veneers Worth It?

Cosmetic dentistry has changed the landscape of modern dentistry and many people are taking up the option to transform their aesthetic appearance. Porcelain veneers continue to be a popular treatment choice. They’re strong, shiny and maintain a natural look. Look after your smile and your smile will look after you.

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