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Kids Visiting The Dentist Early

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A child is more than likely required to visit the dentist at many stages during their development. Some children need more kids dentistry treatment than others. However, the sooner children begin regular dental check-ups, the healthier their mouths will be. No matter the state of your child’s teeth upon their first visit, the dentists are specialists to ensure your child’s oral health stays healthy.

It is no secret that smiles are contagious from a young age and beaming smiles from children generates positivity around the room. Let’s keep it that way. Read on to learn why it is important for your child to visit the dentist as soon as the first tooth begins to grow.

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The Key Reasons

  1. Children Can Learn About Oral Health – Educating children on looking after oral health is one of the key stages of development. As they get older, they’ll need to look after their teeth themselves, and understanding why keeping teeth health is important is a great step. The dentist will communicate with the child, so they begin to understand about oral health.
  2. The Dentist Can Catch Oral Concerns – The only place that oral concerns can be found is at the dentist. A dentist can examine and monitor child’s teeth to ensure they are developing healthily and properly. Early intervention is important to ensure adult teeth can grow healthy during development.
  3. Learn How To Brush Teeth – Parents should act has role models to their children. Eventually, your child gets older, the dentist will recommend that they begin to brush their teeth themselves. The dentist will provide tips on how to brush to keep their mouths healthy and clean throughout the day.
  4. Become Used To Dental Visits – When children are told to visit the dentist for the first time, they’re anxious as they don’t know what to expect. As a parent, be responsible in calming your child’s fears and help them understand why visiting the dentist is so important. Children will then become accustomed to visits and will encourage themselves to visit upon every appointment.
  5. Smile For Longer – The end goal for all patients, not just children, is for oral health to be positive to make way for happy and healthy smiles. Early development of positive oral health will ensure your child’s teeth are strong and develop with no underlying oral concerns.

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To Summarize…

Everybody will be required to visit the dentist at some point in their lives. When children are told about their first visit, it can become unusual and provide feelings of anxiety as it is something they’re not used to. The parent has a responsibility in making sure children understand the importance of keeping teeth healthy and visiting the dentist. However, make it a positive experience and speak to them in a encouraging tone with a smile.

Is your child’s tooth about to grow? Is your child’s first dental appointment overdue? Vineyard Dental are always welcoming children to an environment that is relaxing and comfortable. Contact us now and we look forward to welcoming your child for their first appointment. Click here to book now or check out our profile on find a dentist near me


Regular dental check-ups involve pre-examinations to assess the state of your oral health. As part of this examination, the dentist also looks for one important sign, oral cancer. Oral cancer can be considered as the first line of defence for dentists when they perform an oral examination to determine whether immediate treatment is required to contain cancer cells. Detection of oral cancer is not something that can be detected at home. Therefore, visiting the dentist for oral cancer screenings is an essential part of your oral health journey.

VELscope - mouth cancer early dianosis

Oral Cancer Causes

It is thought that the causes of oral cancer can stem from the following:

Oral Cancer Symptoms

If you show signs of the following symptoms, it is likely that you have oral cancer:

When these unfamiliar signs occur, it is a shoo-in that an appointment with the dentist is required in an emergency. In these situations, it is important to know what to expect in your appointment. So, let’s take a look.

What You Should Expect

  1. Pre-Inspection Of Your Mouth – The dentist will first perform an inspection or examination of the mouth to determine the severity of the symptoms. The dentist will also look at the face, lips and neck. This is to see where there are signs of abnormal growth. A dentist may use a flashlight to see inside of the mouth. This is what is known as a visual exam.
  2. A Physical Examination – After the visual exam, the dentist will then perform a physical exam. This consists of the dentist touching and lifting the head, cheeks, chin, jaw and the oral cavity to detect any unusual lumps. The dentist knows what to look for. Therefore, you’re in safe hands once the exam takes place.
  3. After The Screening Examination – Once the oral cancer screening examination is complete, the dentist will then take the necessary action depending on the symptoms identified. The dentist will begin to understand your lifestyle and whether you consume alcohol and smoke. The dentist may also request you to return regularly for a short-term period for further cancer screening, particularly if the signs show that caution needs to be taken. The dentist will obtain the results, and this does not necessarily mean it is a cancer diagnosis.

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To Summarize…

Ensure that during the oral cancer screening, that you ask the dentist as many questions as possible. Dentists are here to help to ensure that your oral health is in optimum condition. Maintain regular brushing and flossing, eat calcium-rich foods that help to keep oral health strong and ensure regular appointments with the dentist.

Are you experiencing symptoms of oral cancer? At Vineyard Dental, our specialist dentists will ensure that immediate action is taken to relieve you of any cancer symptoms to make way for positive oral health. Contact us here and book an appointment or speak to one of our specialists.

Whilst cosmetic dentistry treatments deliver several benefits to your aesthetic appearance and health of your teeth, it also transforms the quality of life. A contagious smile is linked with signs of pure happiness. However, hardly anyone is born a perfect smile, and cosmetic dentistry treatment makes smiles attractive.

If people want to change their smile, it is more than likely that cosmetic dentistry is the chosen way forward. However, it is important that you’re aware of problems with cosmetic dentistry that have occurred in the past. Whilst the success rate of cosmetic dentistry is high, it does come with its fair share of problems.

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The Four Factors

Let’s take a look at some of the factors which may cause cosmetic dentistry to become a problem for your oral health:

  1. Patient Perceptions – Sometimes, patients can get excited with cosmetic dentistry that they believe is the route to resolving all dental problems. This depends on one key factor, the state of your oral health. With a poor state of oral health, it may take many appointments to get teeth feeling shiny and radiant.
  2. No Dental Insurance – Most cosmetic dentistry procedures are not covered with dental insurance. With poor oral health combined with a lack of insurance leads to very expensive treatment. Therefore, the success of treatment may not outweigh the costs as much as patients would like. This is a consequence of poor oral health.
  3. A Lack Oral Care At Home – Not all patients are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to ensure that their oral health and pearly whites stay healthy and shine for longer. Although the results may be strong after treatment, some patients are not prepared to alter their lifestyle to keep their teeth clean. This means cosmetic dentistry treatments will be a waste of time and money.
  4. Over Marketing – When promoting dental treatments, dental practices must be careful that they don’t promise to deliver what they can’t. Patients are more concerned with results and if dentists cannot deliver on the promise, this can lead to patients being dissatisfied with the outcome of their results.

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Ever wondered what the difference is between cosmetic and general dentistry? Find out here!

Final Points…

These factors can lead to false perceptions of the effectiveness of cosmetic treatments even though the success rate is high. Cosmetic dentistry can be an issue not for just the patient but the practice as well. This is particularly if what is being advertised is not delivered. Some patients are looking for answers at the dental practice but may be unwilling to alter their lifestyle to keep teeth white. Therefore, it is important that expectations are managed before the patient undergoes cosmetic dentistry treatment.

If you’re looking at cosmetic dentistry treatment to change the look of your smile, contact Vineyard Dental now and learn about how cosmetic dentistry can work to deliver for you. Contact us here to book your appointment now.

As part of your check-up and clean appointment, one of the first responsibilities of the dentist is to perform an oral cancer screening. The purpose of this is to ensure that your oral health is not showing signs of oral cancer. They’re designed to catch any cancer signs early. If caught early enough, oral cancer can successfully be treated.

The signs of oral cancer are as follows:

There are different levels to an oral cancer screening procedure. The dentist will perform the procedure and will look within all contours of the mouth, from the lips, gums, tongue, cheeks, the roof of the mouth and the back of the throat. The examination takes no more than 5 minutes at a time.

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Signs Of Poor Oral Health

When at home, it is essential that you look after your oral health at home. When at home, you can perform your own examinations of your oral health and look out for the following signs and symptoms:

If you experience either of these oral health concerns, there is a likely chance you’re showing signs of oral cancer. This requires an emergency appointment with the dentist.

Learn some tips to practice and maintain good oral health here

Potential Triggers of Oral Cancer

Whilst it is unknown on what the triggers of oral cancer are, below are some of the background causes which could lead to or heighten the risk of oral cancer:

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Oral cancer symptoms can occur out of nowhere and it is important that you look after your oral health along with visiting the dentist regularly through check-ups every six months.

If you feel that you’re experiencing signs of poor oral health and are worried it could be linked to cancer, contact Vineyard Dental now and let our helpful dentists provide the essential service you require.

It can be difficult for parents to judge when children’s first milk tooth begins to grow, and subsequently how much dental care they will need. Monitoring the growth of children’s milk teeth can be difficult. However, the sign of a milk tooth growing is if your child is drooling constantly. At this point, the parents are required to keep the milk tooth growing with optimum health. Milk teeth can easily catch cavity and decay. Therefore, it is important that good health habits are performed early.

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As a parent and as part of kids’ dentistry, you play an important part in making sure your children’s milk teeth grow healthy.

The Helpful Tips

Here are some helpful tips on how to keep milk teeth healthy at home.

  1. Book A Check-Up Appointment – The first thing you should do as a parent is to book your kid in for a dental check-up appointment. The dentist is best placed to determine the health of your kids’ oral health and whether the tooth is growing healthy. Early preventative care helps to save money in the long-run.
  2. Teach Good Oral Habits – Whilst your kid may not understand the health habits in words, you can demonstrate this through actions such as brushing teeth for them. As your child grows, they’ll be expected to adopt the habit themselves. Gently brush the gums with a baby toothbrush to start with. Once the tooth begins to show, brush twice a day with a kid toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste.
  3. Avoid Using A Baby Bottle – Kids should avoid using baby bottles to drink fluids. It is recommended they use a normal glass to drink clear fluids. Sugar can cling onto the baby bottle and could form bacteria. If the child’s habit of using the baby bottle still persists, ensure it only contains water.
  4. Reduce Sugary Liquids – Even fruit juices contain traces of sugar that are damaging to teeth. Although it may contain healthy ingredients, it’s still not a healthy choice. Do not halt the habit of drinking sugary fluids entirely but get your child to drink clear water especially during meals. Use fruit juices as a weekly treat.
  5. Use Fluoride Toothpaste – Using fluoride toothpaste helps strengthen tooth enamel. This will help limit acid particles on teeth. The dentist will recommend the most appropriate fluoride toothpaste for your kid’s teeth. Children only need to use a small amount of fluoride. Too much fluoride could lead to discolouration.

Is your child anxious about visiting the dentist? Follow these tips to help them feel relaxed

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Final Thoughts…

Children should adopt good oral health habits early to prevent tooth decay. If milk teeth and gums become decayed, it affects the healthy growth of adult teeth. It also helps keep bacteria away. Children are born with the ability to smile. After all, smiling is contagious and attractive. Stick to good oral habits and reap the rewards of strong teeth.

Are you seeking advice on how to keep your kid’s teeth healthy at home? Vineyard Dental are motivated to transform your kid’s confidence and smile. Contact our Sunbury Dental clinic for the very best treatment and advice.

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