5 Simple Ways to Naturally Keep Your Teeth White
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Have you recently had teeth whitening treatment? You may be lucky that you’ve had a beaming white smile all your life. Either way, you want to ensure that your teeth stay white for as long as possible. White teeth deliver many benefits to you not only to your oral health but your overall confidence, self-esteem and general physical and mental well-being. Life seems rosier with pearly whites and we want to help you keep them shining.

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We’ve identified five simple ways in which you can maintain your shine on your teeth. Find out more about how you restore your confidence with teeth whitening post wisdom tooth removal

The Five Simple Ways

  1. Maintain Positive Oral Hygiene – One of the more basic tips. Maintaining positive oral hygiene doesn’t simply mean brush and floss daily. After eating a heavy meal, rinse your mouth every time with lukewarm water so that stains don’t begin to form. You may consider flossing after a meal. Either way, ensure the gaps in your teeth are clear from debris to reduce cavity and bacteria forming.
  2. Develop A More Balanced Diet – Your teeth are more likely to stain if you consume food and drink that’s prone to discolouration. Foods such as meat, curries, fruit berries and drinks such as tea, coffee and alcohol. Whilst we don’t recommend you stop consuming these kinds altogether, it’s important to reduce them as part of a balanced diet that includes more clear food and drinks such as filtered water, boiled vegetables and soup.
  3. Book Regular Check-Up and Clean Appointments – Visiting the hygienist is a tip that many neglect once they’ve visited the hygienist once. The hygienist is in a better position to determine the state of your teeth and recommend any further treatment if required. If you’re impressing the hygienist, then you’re doing everything right and have nothing to worry about!
  4. Use Special Peroxide Products – Hydrogen peroxide is a natural bleaching agent that can be found in special concentrated products, recommended by the hygienist. It helps kill bacteria and help to significantly whiten teeth. The safest concentration to use hydrogen peroxide products is a maximum of 3% solution. You may also use a 1.5% solution mixed with water. Use maximum twice a week.
  5. Limit Sugar Intake and Improve Calcium In Your Diet – Sugar degrades your teeth more than anything else. A sugary diet increases the chance of bacteria that causes plaque and gingivitis. Instead, replace sugary treats with more calcium foods. Calcium strengthens your enamel to reduce the chances of yellow dentin appear on your teeth, causing the yellow look. Foods including cheese and broccoli protect from enamel erosion. 
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Do You Need Teeth Whitening?

Modern dentistry today has resulted in a variety of unproven teeth whitening products being advertised in drug stores. However, home remedies including changes to your diet are more proven to keep the shine on your teeth for years to come. The natural way is the best way to brighten your smile. Here are some facts of Teeth Whitening. Are you looking to get your teeth whitened? Or you’ve tried these tips but the shine just doesn’t seem to appear. Contact us at Sunbury Dental.

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